T9E Hog Hunts

South Texas Hog Hunts

1100 acres of professionally managed trophy hunting land is irresistible to large numbers of large hogs.  Hogs devastate our field and damage our fences. It is our pleasure to offer trophy hog hunts to hunters who would like to help us manage the over population of these voracious beasts.  The hogs here can be very large, aggressive and dangerous.  Our guides will put you in the perfect position to have an opportunity to shoot the hog of a lifetime.  For those who like wild pig in their freezer, this is the place to do it.  Our guides will break down your animal, load your coolers and fill em with ice.  Hog hunting is a great way to keep your shooting skills sharp and fulfill that need to hunt during a time when other more prominent species are out of season.

Come for the day or spend the night at the lodge. We offer all inclusive packages multi day packages or one day hunt only packages. Because we own the land and lodge we can customize a hog hunting package specifically for you. Please call for more information.

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