Joyful! Rarely do you see anyone as loving, giving and gifted at hospitality as Steve and Sally Grinnell. Their sincerity and genuine faith shine in all they do. Steve, as real and colorful a character as Texas produces, brings a unique passion for hunting and an enthusiasm for outdoor life that inspires everyone. Sally sets the standard for the highest levels of Texas class, design and taste. Together they love serving others, helping them to relax and giving their guests world class Texas style hospitality. They have given our family some of our favorite memories and bonded us together. If you aren’t pleased at the Grinnell hacienda you probably can’t be pleased.”

Michael, Lyndel and the Manson Family

My experience hunting was remarkable! Not only are the people there like family but the animals and accommodations are so incredible! I have seen some of the nicest whitetail deer and exotic’s on the Grinnells’ ranches and the food is 5 star! My favorite place to go for whitetail in Texas! Thank you guy’s so much for showing so much love and running such a wonderful ranch!”

Kristy Lee Cook

Steve and Sally are wonderful hosts and not only do they make you feel special, they make you believe you are! I am anxious to get to T9E Ranch to hunt quality game, with quality accommodations and QUALITY PEOPLE.”

Stephen LeBlanc
Host Browning Expeditions and PBR Outdoors

I had the opportunity to hunt with the Grinnells at their Texas ranch in January of 2012, and must say it was one of the most enjoyable experiences I have had. The hunting was wonderful as they put me with a great guide who was both interesting and informative making the time in the stands pass quickly. It was the most enjoyable hunting experience I have ever had. The food was outstanding and the home hospitality was great as they made you feel right at home. I would recommend their ranch as an outstanding choice for a hunting experience or just a great place to get away for a week.”

Tom Lowe

My experience of hunting with the Grinnells is really incredible. We started hunting with them in Mexico and then Georgia. They bought the Herradura Ranch in South Texas and I was able to take my sons, friends and clients there for both whitetail and quail hunting. The guides were fantastic and the cuisine was unmatched, absolutely fantastic. They then sold the Herradura and bought the Estrella Ranch. Absolutely the finest ranch in South Texas. Once again, their ability to manage their deer herd and the wild quail population was the finest I had experienced. The accommodations and food were unparalleled. I have seen their newest ranch, the T9E Ranch, and it has all of the same qualifications, maybe a little more convenient. They only handle their patrons one way, the right way.”

Lamar Wakefield

Please accept my most sincere thanks for your overwhelming kindness and hospitality. I am honored that I could spend time at your beautiful and efficient ranch operation. I was impressed by the spirit and attitude of your team members. I thank God for the opportunity to meet and get to know both Steve and Sally Grinnell. It was a blessing I will never forget. Sincerely,”

David Rowland

I have been hunting with the Grinnell family for 15 plus years now, and the family is what keeps me coming back. Steve and Sally always make you feel at home, and most of all like a family member. I’ve hunted with them before T9E, and I must say that T9E is the best experience ever with the Grinnells. The food and accommodations are 5-Star. With Sally’s touch, hospitality is first class. They know what it takes to make your hunt the best hunt you’ve ever been on. With each visit to T9E Ranch the experience keeps getting better and better. You will not be disappointed. South Texas, the ranch, and the staff will make your hunt the one you’ve been dreaming about…book your hunt now!”

Danny Como

EXPERIENCES = MEMORIES. One has to have experiences. If you want some great memories, have an experience with Steve and Sally Grinnell at the T9E Ranch!”

Enjoy the best of bucks to hunt ● great food and accommodations ● very knowledgeable guides, led by Steve, anticipating your needs based on your own experience level ● nightly campfire discussions (hunters BS) and tall tales by Steve himself !

I have 30+ years of stored unforgettable memories and 20+ trophies hanging on the wall at home that proves it all up. Go get yourself some!”

Eddie & Noal Pierce