The Best Whitetail Deer in the World

If you are looking to stock your ranch with high quality elite whitetail deer, contact the T9E Ranch in South Texas. The T9E has been breeding whitetail deer for almost 30 years. Over these years Steve and Sally Grinnell have developed an elite strain of south Texas bred whitetail deer anyone would be proud to display on their property.

T9E Whitetail Deer Breeding Operations Manager, Talbert White has extensive knowledge and experience growing giant whitetails. Please check out the T9E Whitetail Deer Ranch site by clicking this link or going to or call 512-540-1011 email;

T9E animals are humanely cared for in a premium facility under the best conditions. No one treats their deer better than the T9E. The ranch is set on over 1,000 acres of pristine south Texas ranch land, groomed with local flora and fauna in which whitetail deer flourish. When you purchase a T9E whitetail you are purchasing a high quality, sophisticated animal with instincts to survive, thrive and multiply in healthy numbers.